Shani Mayer was born in Israel where she trained in dance and gymnastics from a young age. She had trained in Modern dance both in LA and NY and received her minor in dance performance in Los Angeles where she focused on modern, contemporary and jazz and has since been performing with many companies in Los Angeles. In 2006 she discovered Zouk Lambada in its home town of Porto Seguro and since she then decided to bring this dance to Los Angeles . She is the founder of LA Zouk, and a pioneer to bring and spread zouk to the west coast of the United States. She has been invited to teach and perform both nationally and abroad in congresses including, Brasil, Barcelona, and Switzerland and nationally D.C, Atlanta, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles , Seattle, NY and congresses. She currently teaches in Los Angeles and hopes to share her passion for this amazing dance and develop a thriving zouk scene in the West coast.