US Open Zouk Competition at the LA Zouk Congress

IT”S TIME!!! Last years Open Zouk Competition at the LA Zouk Congress was a huge success, the competitors were amazing and passionate in their performances! Now’s the time to begin getting ready for next years event!

* Amateur Division – open to any students of any style of Brazilian Zouk.
* Semi Pro Division – open to anybody assisting and / or teaching any style of Brazilian Zouk within their first 2 years.

* Maximum 2 minutes per routine.
* No lifts.
* Choreography can be assisted by professionals.
* In the event of one partner being more advanced than the other, you will be required to compete in the higher category.
* The final scores will also be influenced by 2 improvised songs – 1 fast – 1 slow – these songs will be selected by LA Zouk Congress.
* The judging panel will be made up of the International guest instructors attending LA Zouk Congress.
* Registration closes March 30, 2018.
* Must have a congress pass or performer pass to compete.
**No bribes accepted….. unless they are really awesome 😉

To register email: