LAZF 2020 is ON!


Health & Safety

Our community’s health and safety are paramount concerns as we approach LAZF 2020.  Please reference the procedures & guidelines below in response to the recent COVID-19 situation. LAZF will revise this policy as necessary

Through actionable behavior changes & mindfulness, we can productively address the COVID-19 situation


LAZF will: Provide “Sani Stations” that will consist of materials to kill viruses & germs:


LAZF will:  Consistently clean commonly touched surfaces such as water stations, door handles, tables, Vendor area, instructor/DJ equipment, etc. 


LAZF will: Announce throughout the festival to best sanitation practices.


LAZF will: NOT provide disposable cups for water to limit potential cross-contamination. Please bring your own water bottles. 


Mindful Behavior Changes: 

Don’t come to the festival if:


If you’re exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, it is an individual’s responsibility to be tested prior to attending the festival.  Depending on your unique situation, we will waive pass transfer fees or allow you to apply your pass to LAZF 2021.


We reserve the right to request documentation proving that you fall into one of the above categories.


DURING THE FESTIVAL: Communicate & take necessary action per the aforementioned recommendations. 

If you become symptomatic during the festival, we, unfortunately, cannot allow you to continue participating until you have been tested and cleared for COVID-19. In the event that you become symptomatic, leave the festival, and test positive for COVID-19, we may provide you with one of the following:

These offerings are contingent upon a symptomatic individual leaving the event. Not applicable if an individual stays at the festival. 


If any case of COVID-19 is confirmed by a festival participant during the event, we will take the necessary steps per higher medical authorities.  All attendees are expected to comply with the directions of public health officials.


AFTER THE FESTIVAL:  Follow-up if you are diagnosed with a confirmed & documented case of COVID-19 within 21 days. 

If you attend LAZF 2020 and are diagnosed with a confirmed & documented case of COVID-19 within 21 days of the festival, let us know ASAP so we can inform other attendees. If LAZF becomes aware of an individual being diagnosed with a confirmed & documented case of COVID-19 within 21 days of the festival’s end date, we will notify all participants so they may take necessary precautions to manage their individual situation.


Although we remain positive, it’s difficult to assess what the situation will be at the end of April 2020 when the festival takes place. Should our federal, state, local authorities or our venue determine it’s necessary to suspend group gatherings, we will move forward with their recommendations.


There are currently no plans to postpone LAZF 2020

We will postpone or cancel LAZF 2020 IF:

In the event that LAZF 2020 is postponed, we will:


Please note it would take time to process a large volume of transfers, so please allow sufficient time for us to facilitate this process: Approximately 4-8 weeks.  


LAZF will not tolerate the following behaviors in relation to the situation: